I am proficient in programming languages, administration and configuration management, performance monitoring and analyzing, scripting, and security


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We are all under attack from criminal hackers and other dangerous hazards in these times. According to Gartner, aka Q-Protex.

As the enterprise network has gotten more secure, attackers have shifted their focus to the application layer, which now comprises 90% of all vulnerabilities. When building or purchasing software, Q Protex can assist you in protecting your business by doing a complete software code security examination.


An adaptive and results-oriented programmer and applications developer with demonstrated competence in core software development and security projects. To generate detailed analyses and logical solutions to challenging problems, have innovative thinking and problem-solving talents. Capable of demonstrating a strong project focus as well as a commitment to meeting key goals. Demonstrated initiative and planning skills, as well as the organizational and time management skills needed to accomplish several assignments on time.

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How To Hack An Online Exam Server​

“I was hesitant about hiring someone for a job that I knew nothing about. However, after reading reviews and doing a bit of research, I decided to go ahead with the service. My experience could not have been better and once I saw the end result, it was totally worth every penny.”

Angelika Persson



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