How To Crash Someone’s Phone

Are you being blackmailed and you don know what to do? or do you want to crash your phone?  When you are in a relationship, it can be hard to resist the urge to look at your significant other’s phone. But if you’re looking for something incriminating or otherwise suspicious, there is nothing worse than seeing someone else’s text messages pop up on your screen without warning. Anyone who has ever had their trust violated by this kind of invasion knows just how much it hurts and wants to prevent that from happening again. This post will provide some tips on how to keep yourself safe if you don’t want someone snooping through your phone conversations.

how to crash someones phone

How to crash someone’s phone

One way to delete pictures on someone’s phone hire a hacker who is an expert on phone hacking. To know which pictures are private or not, you can be provided access to the phone. Unlimited access to the phone gives you control over the device.  Find the pictures that are supposed to be private and press the trash icon to delete each one.

Another way to delete pictures on someone’s phone is by using powerful software. Tap on their name at the top of the text messaging app. This will bring up a list of conversations with them. Select the ones with pictures in them and delete each picture individually.

Method to Anonymously Hack a Phone

We will list techniques examples to give you unlimited access to any phone.

  1. Brute Force
  2. Phishing
  • Brute Force

Although it may seem like a far-fetched idea, the reality is that most people with an internet connection have been hacked. In fact, according to statistics from Verizon Wireless Security Services, there has been a significant increase in mobile device hacking over the last few years – up from 55% of devices being compromised in 2017 to 74% in 2018. This often occurs through brute force attacks on your phone’s security code and can lead to disastrous consequences for not only you but also those around you.

While this sounds like something out of a thriller movie (or even worse), we know firsthand how important it is to be proactive about these types of threats and take steps now before they become too much for us to handle. Luckily, there are many ways to protect yourself and keep your personal information, photos, videos, texts, and calls safe.

How to Protect your phone from Brute force

To prevent your phone from being hacked through brute-force attacks, make sure to set a security code on your mobile device (the PIN/password you use to unlock the screen). While this may seem like an inconvenience now, it will help you avoid many headaches in the future. To set up your PIN/password go to *638*73709#

While this is one of the most basic forms of protection, it should help to reduce the chances of someone accessing your device without permission. Afterward, you should install antivirus software on your phone. If you’re using an Android device, we recommend choosing between Avast Mobile Security (and the premium version, which provides additional features) or Lookout Security and Antivirus. On an iPhone, we recommend downloading AVG AntiVirus PRO.

After you have added a PIN/password to your phone and installed antivirus software, it’s time to take it a step further and protect yourself from the most dangerous types of attacks. Make sure to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on your phone. This will allow you to encrypt all the data that leaves and arrives on your mobile device by creating an encrypted connection between your phone and the internet, essentially shielding you from hackers looking to intercept valuable information such as credit card numbers, passwords, or photos.

  • Phishing

When it comes to hacking, there are a number of different ways for hackers to gain access to confidential information. One such way is called phishing. Phishing is when an attacker sends out fake emails or texts that appear as if they come from a trustworthy source in order to get victims’ user names and passwords. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can protect yourself from phishing attacks by knowing the techniques and signs of a scam email or text message.


Email Phishing Techniques:

The subject line is “Someone Has Accessed Your Account.” The body of the email reads “Hello, Someone has accessed your account on (website). There were unauthorized access attempts made on your account at (date) and (time). If you have not done so already, please click the following link to secure your account. This is an automatically generated response because the website noticed some unusual activity.” The email instructs victims to click on a hyperlink within the email. When victims click on the link, they are directed to a fake login page that collects their user name and password.

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Email Phishing Signs:

The “from” address is not from an official financial institution or organization that you recognize. The subject line of the email makes it seem like there was unusual activity on your account, but no other details are provided. The body of the email seems too formal and does not read like something that would come naturally for your bank or credit card company to say. There are several spelling errors in the email, particularly when it comes to words with unpronounceable characters (e.g., umlauts). As always, if you suspect that any of your accounts have been compromised.

Want to know how to crash someone’s phone with email phishing? here is a list of things you can do.

The subject line is “Verify Your Email or Account” with an attachment that appears as if there is something wrong with their account. For example: “Your Apple ID cannot be used”, “You must update your billing information now”, etc. The body of this email reads “Hello, There seem to be technical problems with your apple account and we need you to verify your details as soon as possible.” The sender requests that victims click on a link attached to the email. When victims click on the link, they are directed to a fake login page that collects their user name and password.


There are many techniques to know how to crash someone’s phone. When you find one of the best services to stop that blackmail, we will assist you and guide you against being blackmailed.

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