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He is a security consultant who has been recognized by the US Department of Defense for using the Hackerone bug bounty platform to disclose several vulnerabilities in DOD systems.

He generates professional reports that detail every vulnerability discovered, as well as proofs of concept and strategies for resolving the vulnerabilities. Each report not only meets but also surpasses compliance auditors’ expectations.

His main area of expertise is black and grey box testing, which he does on live web applications/networks or lab conditions.

All typical vector attacks and mitigation strategies are familiar, as is discovering unknown to the public exploits known as 0days in web applications. Although the majority of the work is confidential, he’s able to share a vulnerability assessment sample.

Highly skilled in malware scanning of affected web servers, as well as security hardening via IDS/IPS/Firewall implementation.

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“I was hesitant about hiring someone for a job that I knew nothing about. However, after reading reviews and doing a bit of research, I decided to go ahead with the service. My experience could not have been better and once I saw the end result, it was totally worth every penny.”

Jessica Hermansson



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