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What do I do when my phone has been hacked

Have you ever been hacked? If so, then you know that it can be a frustrating and frightening experience. “Hackers” is the term used for people who break into computers and networks to steal information or disrupt operations. In this blog post, we will discuss everything there is to know about hacking your phone in order to keep that from happening!

We’ll cover what hackers are looking for on your device, how they try to gain access, and what you should do when someone has successfully accessed your device.

How to know if you have been hacked

This article will teach you what to do when your phone has been hacked. Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated, so it’s important that we’re aware of the warning signs.
First off, if your phone is running slow or giving you problems with a normal operation, there may be a virus on your device. Check for any unusual battery drain as well.” “Second, if you see suspicious text messages coming from an unknown number or someone saying they have found some sensitive information about you – it might be time to take action.

Simple Steps to Keep Your Phone Safe from hackers

Hackers are everywhere and they’re looking for ways to get into your phone, steal your data, and more. You can’t live in fear of hackers all the time though so here are some simple steps you can take to keep your phone safe from hackers!

  • Install a VPN on your phone:

A VPN will encrypt any traffic coming from or going to your device which helps protect it from being hacked. It also creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the internet which is impossible for a hacker without access to breakthrough. -Encrypt the information on your phone: If someone gets their hands on your unlocked phone then there is no protection against them accessing anything that is saved onto it. Encrypt your information to help keep it safe. -Backup your data: There are plenty of apps that can back up all your precious photos, videos, contacts, and more to the cloud. If you’re working on something important then make sure you have a backup in case it gets deleted or lost.

  • Don’t jailbreak/root your phone:

If you want to be extra safe DON’T jailbreak or root your phone as it removes many of the security measures put in place by Apple/Google which helps protect against hackers getting access to your device. -Use common sense! I know it sounds simple but if someone calls, texts, emails, etc asking for personal information then chances are they’re trying to hack you so just ignore it!

The best way to prevent your information from being stolen is not to have it in the first place. This can be done by simply not downloading apps outside of app stores, don’t plug your phone into random computers, and creating strong passwords that no one would be able to guess.

Once you get a device that’s been hacked then what? Well, luckily there are some steps you can take which I’ll go over below!  -Backup your data: If someone steals or breaks into your phone then chances are they’ll also delete all the information on it too so make sure to back up everything regularly. You can even use a cloud storage service!

  • Change your password:

After finding out that your account has been hacked it’s important to change your password and also create a new password and use two-factor authentication! -Change your information: If someone gets access to all your personal data then chances are they’ll start using it for their own gain. Change all the information associated with that hacked account (name, phone number, address, etc) as well as remove that hacked account from any other service such as Facebook or Twitter. And there you have it! Now go out there and keep your phone safe from hackers!

Key Apps Needed for a Secure Phone from hackers


It is no secret that hackers are getting smarter by the day. With cyber-attacks on the rise, it is important to take precautions in order to protect your personal information. One of these steps includes installing key apps on your phone that can help you remain safe from hackers and other malicious threats including spyware, viruses, malware, phishing scams, identity theft, and others. Read more for a list of our top five security apps every hacker should have installed on their phone today!

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  • McAfee Antivirus

This app will warn you if a website is known to contain viruses or other forms of malware while also providing real-time protection against dangerous websites and applications. Keep your device safe from harmful viruses, malware, ransomware, and other malicious threats by downloading this app today. In addition to virus protection, it also includes firewalls, app blocking, and privacy scanning features that will keep your phone safe from hackers at all times.

  • Signal Private Messenger

If you are looking for an encrypted messaging application then look no further than Signal Private Messenger which is owned by Open Whisper Systems. This private messenger allows users to create group chats as well as send encrypted messages that can only be read by the intended recipients. What’s more? You can rest assured knowing that not even the developers of this app have access to any information shared via their servers so you never have to worry about your personal data falling into the wrong hands again!

  • Duet Lock Screen

Duet Lock Screen is a free and easy-to-use application that not only provides you with great functionality but also helps keep your private information safe from prying eyes. The app features a multitude of interesting ways to unlock your device including drawing or typing passwords as well as using gestures such as swiping, tapping, tracing, and more! Never worry about someone stealing your password again because this app will alert you if anyone tries hacking into your phone.

  • Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus comes in three different packages which are Free, Pro ($10/year), and Premium ($20/year). With the free version, you can get real-time protection against harmful apps, virus scanning, secure web browsing, and more. For added protection, the Pro package is recommended. Keep your device protected from hackers with this app by downloading today!

  • AppLock

With over 500 million downloads across its applications, it is safe to say that AppLock is one of the most popular security tools on the Google Play Store. Once installed on your phone you can lock any app or even an entire folder using a pattern, password pin code, or fingerprint scanner so no one else can access them without the original user’s permission. It also works great as a parental control tool helping parents keep tabs on their kids’ use of their Android phones and tablets. Another cool feature includes hiding sensitive data inside image files which can be unlocked using a second app that will extract images from your device. Hackers and thieves definitely don’t want to mess with this one!

Hacker Service

How to identify if I am being spied on

Are you being spied on? Maybe your phone is tapped, or the government has installed a GPS device in your car. How can you tell if someone is spying on you without going through all of your devices and checking them one by one? This article will help you learn how to identify if any of your devices have been compromised so that you can take action accordingly.


If you know for sure that there is a GPS tracker in your vehicle, the solution would be to simply leave it at home. If none of your devices are compromised, then simply ignoring the trackers will make them useless. However, if you were being spied on and didn’t realize it until now, switching up your habits may prevent further invasions of privacy. While this may not stop someone from spying on you, it will certainly make their job harder!

Wipe all Trackers Clean

The first thing that you should do when identifying that you are being spied on is to wipe all trackers clean! Remove any GPS trackers installed in your car or other vehicles so they can no longer track your location. Next, check all of your phone’s apps to make sure there are no spyware applications installed on it either. If you do find any suspicious programs on the device, simply uninstall them or perform a factory data reset.

Remove all Cloud Storage

Online cloud storage programs like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive can be used to store files remotely which is convenient for many reasons including disaster recovery and having access to important documents when away from home. However, these same features also provide cybercriminals with remote access to your devices so they can steal information without having to be physically near you. To remove this vulnerability use an external hard drive instead! It may not be as fast but at least you know you’re safe.

Improve Device Security

Take the time to learn about technology and how it works so you know exactly what risks exist and can take preventative measures to keep yourself safe. This way, even if you do fall victim to cyber criminals there is nothing they can do about it! Keep your operating system upgraded every few weeks or months depending on the device’s requirements, use strong passwords that are at least eight characters long with mixed types of characters (i.e. numbers, symbols, upper case letters) whenever possible, encrypt sensitive files using AES-256 bit encryption and avoid opening suspicious emails or clicking links in them unless you are 100% sure they are trustworthy. Hackers will continue trying to crack into devices but make it as difficult as possible for them by following these tips!

How phones are been hacked

How to hack any Android Device with SMS One of the most common questions we get on our “Ask An Expert” blog is whether it is possible to hack into an Android device. The answer, like with everything else it seems, depends on the situation and whether or not you are allowed to hack into a phone (which often means having legal permission). If someone’s life is in danger, many law enforcement agencies may decide to bypass normal protocol and search through their suspect’s phone without getting a warrant first.

However, if no one’s life is at risk then there really isn’t any reason why anyone should be able to hack into your phone without your consent. That being, if you’re looking for a way to hack into an Android device, we’d suggest looking at the SmackPhone app. While this app was designed to be a hacking platform for security professionals and law enforcement officers, if you aren’t part of any of these groups (and don’t have permission) then it would probably be best not to try downloading or using this particular application. That being said, if you want to explore what other apps would show up on your phone that could pose a threat both in terms of privacy and hacking, there are some other options available for download as well.

Because there are so many different things that you can do with this type of software, we’ll just list out some general features below:

API Hacking:

Not all issues with your phone are going to be resolved by simply removing any spyware applications from it. In some cases, the particular API being used may have been compromised which means that Android will have a hard time trying to resolve any issues on its own. With this type of software, you’ll find a complete list of all active and inactive APIs on the device so you can try to fix any problems that exist with them as well.

Spy SMS & Call Logs:

Just as important as knowing what files have been uploaded or downloaded to your phone is being able to monitor which messages have been sent out and received from it. This way if there happens to be a problem with the Android app allowing hackers access, you know exactly how they got into your system.

Review Photos & GPS Location Data:

This option won’t be available on every phone but if it is, you’ll find a full list of photos that have been taken (and uploaded). You may also be able to review the locations where videos were shot using this type of software.

By reviewing the photos that came into or left your system, you can look for anything suspicious like images that appear to show someone else’s bed or items missing from places where they should still exist (i.e. kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinets, etc.).

Track Text Messages:

One of the most common ways that people get hacked these days is through sending text messages containing malicious links or attachments. This software will allow you to track all incoming and outgoing texts which should be helpful in any legal case where you suspect you were being harassed by someone (or vice versa).

Run Scans on The Device:

As with most hacking apps, this one allows for full system scans including root access when necessary. In some cases, if malware has been installed onto your phone then a deep scan may be important to make sure your device is safe again.

Spy Files & Folders:

Criminal hackers do their best to hide from law enforcement officials but they don’t always succeed. If there happens to be a file on the device that is supposed to be hidden and you need to uncover it, this app can do just that.

Remotely Lock or Wipe Device:

If you suspect there is malicious software installed onto your phone then there’s no reason for that information to go public. This type of software allows you (or law enforcement officials) to remotely wipe data from the mobile device which should help keep your private information safe. When it comes time for security professionals and law enforcement officers to try hacking into an Android device, they’ll want access right away without having to get the owner’s permission first. That being said, if someone gets arrested and their phone goes through an evidence locker before anyone has a chance to actually all of the data on it, they may be able to get out of the charges while still concealing their identity.

Remotely locking a phone is one of the best ways to protect it from being tampered with and this type of software allows you to do just that in case there happen to be any problems on your end.

It’s important that if you’re looking for an app like this then you choose one that offers remote lock capabilities as well as wiping features for when you want to restore your device back to factory default settings (if possible). That way even after someone manages to gain access and erase evidence, more sensitive information won’t exist anywhere online or offline either.


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