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How To Hack An Online Exam Server​

How To Hack An Online Exam Server

With the world of technology changing the way, examinations are being taken, people are often left to find alternate routes to ace the exams, no matter what the circumstances are. Due to the instability in a person’s dynamic schedules, they are often not able to reach the venue to attend the respective exams. This could be due to geographical distances or even due to the clashing of events in their busy schedule.

This causes aspiring individuals to miss out on opportunities due to other unavoidable underlying circumstances. Hacking into the servers to take up the exams in such cases proves to be the only suitable solution, even though many may consider it an illegal affair. This saves time as well as resources and can be done with internet access and a computer or a laptop.

Let’s plunge further ahead to understand the hacking of online exam servers in brief.

How To Hack An Online Exam Server​

Gaining access to an Exam Portal online

The exam portal is where the exam is to be attempted by the candidate. Usually, to gain access to it, the credentials of the candidate are asked, following which you can access the content of the web page.

The portals are usually on the computers that exist in the exam centers, and an exam cannot usually be taken until and unless the candidate is present at the educational institute. Gaining access to this is the ultimate goal of hacking so as to be able to access the exam.

For this, one needs to look out for a wireless access point or an Ethernet connection to tap into the systems. This will be located in the institution itself and must be done very carefully.

Choosing the right software to proceed with hacking

Choosing suitable software can be quite tricky at times and requires some experience before being able to choose the most suitable software. Pick an open-source software containing suitable data in the form of a library that transforms it into a graphical form for better analysis as well as for data mining purposes.

For beginners, Maltego is the perfect software as it helps extract a lot of data in such a way that analysis can be conducted with great ease.

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Finding the right Domains

A domain is a source of identification that is unique to a certain IP or Internet Protocol source. While performing the previous step, make sure to look out for respective domains simultaneously. The domains should have the ability to gain access to the page on which the exam is posted. But this could be quite a time-taking endeavor. Dirbuster is a suitable way of locating the appropriate domains.

Find out more about the hosts

Run a search, preferably a whois search, so as to get more information about the DNS as well as the servers that are being used by the exam center. This also helps enable deriving information that showcases where the page is being hosted from. In most cases, the hosting is done within the boundaries of the educational institution itself.

Find the right subdomains

Finding a subdomain can be achieved in multiple ways. There are various online websites that help in providing guidance towards this cause. Two of the most suitable ways of doing this are by accessing Find Subdomain or DNS Dumpster. The data generated from these two sites will help you to proceed further.

Look for a suitable link to your portal page

At times, the people involved in dealing with the servers and portals set up weak security on the web page resulting in an easy way to hack into it. Due to this, many are lucky to retrieve a link as a part of the data that is collected from these websites without putting in much effort. This usually happens when the firewall is not secure enough.

Access your portal page

On clicking the link, you will be able to access the site from wherever you wish. Most of the time, this can be done with the help of your personal internet connection and not your institution’s internet connection. In case this doesn’t work, this implies that the security on the site or the internet connection is strong, and a different approach to hacking must be delved into.


These are some of the top ways to hack an online exam server. That being said, it can be quite a challenge if you plan on doing the hacking without any knowledge. If you want to get away without being caught, you should go to a professional. There are a number of experienced hackers who can get into any online exam server without any hassles.

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